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Cycle Sport is the North American Dealer for SOLU

Ever since early Catholic priests first discovered Da Vinci's blue print of a bicycle in 1766, the basic design of a bicycle has not changed much.

Solu Bicycles are the most unique and gorgeous bicycles in my opinion!
On this page you are going to find the most beautiful and interesting style bicycles around!
I hope you enjoy my selections and find the that perfect bicycle for you!

Retro-Future Bike — SOLU International cites a mission to create “exquisite bicycles,” and with its Duke line of city bikes the company does not fall short. These bikes, which come in a few configurations, are unlike anything on the market, including a strange frame design, leather pieces, and a super upright geometry built for riding “luxuriously,” as the company suggests in its press materials. The Duke comes as a 26 inch bike with external  gearing.

SOLU International management team has more than 20 years of experience in bicycle design, R&D, manufacturing, assembly, and quality inspection. We understand what it takes to build and sell a quality bicycle that exceeds customer expectations. Our company is currently partnering with companies that operate in Japan, Australia, Europe and South Africa, and actively developing new markets in those regions. By jointly researching and developing with US companies we are improving technologies. SOLU International, the new SOLU brand is leading the market in setting industry standards for quality bicycles and accessories.
We at Cycle Sport are happy to be the North American Dealer for Solu International.

SOLU Bikes website.

Solu Bikes as showcased on the television show Cycle America.
Filmed on-location at Interbike in Las Vegas.

Youtube video.

The Dukes we have available at this time.
One Copper colored ten (10) speed and Two Copper colored seven (7) speeds.
The price for these are $1800 each.


I also have One White colored seven (7) speed.
The price for this one is $1600.

Duke-Riding, just Luxurious

● production orders, colors and 
   specifications can be changed 
   in accordance with customer demand. 

● In a hustle and bustle world, 
   life of elegant ease is most desired.

● Duke series mingle retro with fashion.

● Elegant and calm colors reflect 
   unique style and disposition.

● Authentic leather saddle with 
   multi-point support protect your 
   waist and hip and reduce discomfort 
   to the minimum.

● Classic, elegant streamline.


 For any questions, give me a call at 

  Phone:  308-530-1897  

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